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The Greatest Authentic Mexican Food Blog There Is! - Sunday Funday Dinners

The Greatest Authentic Mexican Food Blog There Is!

In today’s blog, I will be talking about a great blog that I came across while looking for ideas to post about on my upcoming blog posts. The blog I am writing about today is called “Authentic Mexican Food in California” ( https://authenticmexicanfoodincalifornia.bestonlineblogs.com/).

We are greeted immediately on the blog by an about me which is a huge help when you stumble upon a blog that you have no idea what they do or very little for that matter. In the about me section the author Diego Herrera writes: “My name is Diego Herrera and I am doing reviews on Authentic Mexican Food in California. I want to review all types of Mexican restaurants varying from the cheap to expensive ranged spots. I believe my background, being Mexican American and a frequent visitor of Mexico, will give me the best ability review these places for your entertainment and possibly you may want to visit them at some point too. I hope you enjoy this journey with me and maybe even feel hungrier reading my works!”. This is great because it helps us get an understanding for what we’re getting ourselves into.

Diego Herrera being Mexican himself gives him a superior edge on all his competitors because he comes directly in contact with this food on a daily basis. Not only is he Mexican, but he comes from an area that is no longer than a 2-hour ride to the country of Mexico. California is highly populated with Mexican Americans so there is a heavy influence there when it comes to food. Diego’s blog covers everything from food videos where he actually goes out during crazy times like today’s and get personal experiences that we can learn from. He even teaches us how to make these recipes ourselves which is super fun when you are stuck inside and looking for things to do. 

Diego covers it all from informative videos to the most insightful blog posts that you are sure to come by. Make sure to visit his blog and leave a comment on some of your feedback whether that be negative or positive. YOU WILL NOT BE DISSAPOINTED! 

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