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Dinner Traditions Continued - Sunday Funday Dinners

Dinner Traditions Continued

Today’s blog will be displaying dinner traditions around the world which is essential for understanding the food you are attempting to make or just great for general knowledge! I’ve never heard anyone complain about too much knowledge. In this list I made sure to include a nation from Europe, Asia, South America, and Africa.

Israel: In Israel, people who are Jewish honor Shabbat, which is from sundown on Friday to sundown on Saturday. During that time people are expected to rest and not use any technology. Dinner includes challah, a light egg bread, and is a time to connect with friends and family over candlelight.

Japan: In Japan, people prepare bento, a box-shaped container, for lunch. It has fish or meat, vegetables, and rice in separate compartments. It’s popular for parents to make bento boxes for their children’s lunch at school and shape the food into different cartoon characters. When eating a hot noodle soup, it’s OK to make slurping sounds.

France: In France, people like to eat a nice long meal together. Usually meals are a communal time that lasts at least one hour, and families and friends talk and enjoy each other’s company. You should always keep your hands above the table. French people often eat cheese and fruit as dessert.

Ethiopia: In Ethiopia, people eat food with their right hand only, usually with a piece of bread called injera. Everyone eats from one really big sharing plate in the middle of the table, instead of having their own plates. You should eat what’s closest to you on the plate instead of reaching across the table.

Peru: In Peru there are more than 5,000 varieties of potatoes, the biggest in the world. However, the mixing of cultures and the variety of climates determine the variety of local cuisine. On the coast, people eat ceviche, a dish of marinated raw fish, or seafood. In the valleys and plains, the diet is still a traditional one based on corn and potatoes. Meat comes from indigenous animals like alpacas and guinea pigs, but also from imported livestock like sheep, cattle, and swine.

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